County Boards, Commissions
and Advisory Committees

Agricultural Resources Committee

Background: The Agricultural Resources Committee advises the Council about issues affecting the agricultural environment of the County by identifying emerging issues relating to local and regional agriculture. The committee is composed of fifteen members, with no less than 50% from the farming community serving four-year staggered terms. Guiding resolution is Resolution 56-2005.
Contact: Faith Van De Putte
Phone: 370-7666
Council Liaison: Christine Minney

 Winifred Adams4 Year8/23Position #4
 Paul Andersson4 Year8/26Position #15 Rep
 Charlie Behnke  Land Bank Rep Non-voting
 Steve Bernheim4 Year8/25Position #12
 Brook Brouwer   WSU Ext Non-Voting Rep
 Steph Coffey4 Year8/22Position #10
 Victoria Compton  EDC Rep Non-voting
Vice ChairLori Ann David4 Year8/25 Position #1
 Kyle Dodd  Health Dept Rep Non-voting
ChairCaitlin Herlihy Leck4 Year8/23Position #5
 Learner Limbach4 Year8/25Position #2
 Annie McIntyre1 year8/25Position #6
 Henning Sehmsdorf4 Year8/24Position #8
 VACANT4 Year8/22Position #11
 VACANT4 Year8/22Position #14 Rep
 VACANT4 Year8/24Position #13 Rep
 VACANT4 Year8/22Position #7
 VACANT4 Year8/24Position #9
 VACANT4 Year8/23Position #3