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Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

Background: The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee is an advisory committee to the Council and will review and comment on any proposed increase on the rate of tax imposed; repeal of an exemption from a tax imposed; change in the use of revenue received; or change in the SJC Code regarding Hotel/Motel funds. This committee consists of seven members, 1 Contributor and 1 Receiver from Each District plus one Council member, serving 2 & 3-year staggered terms.
Council Liaison: Christine Minney

 Janet Baltzer3 years7/26District #3 Receiver
 Libi Geddes3 years10/26District #2 Contributor
 Kevin Loftus2 Year7/25District #1 Receiver
ChairChristine Minney  Council Member
 Laura Saccio3 Year7/26District #1 Contributor
 Jan Scilipoti2 Year7/25District #3 Contributor
 Nancy Stillger2 Year12/24District #2 Receiver