County Boards, Commissions
and Advisory Committees

Background: The MRC shall protect and restore the marine resources of SJC in furtherance of the benchmarks of the Murray-Metcalf Northwest Straits Citizen Advisory Commission. This committee consists of nine to fifteen members serving four-year staggered terms. Guiding documents are Resolution 35-1996, Res. 3-1997, Res. 23-1999, Res. 59-1999, Res. 14-2001.In addition to the SJC Planning Director, the MRC should include representation by the following sectors of the local community to the extent possible: Relevant Scientific Expertise, Tribal Representation, Town of Friday Harbor, Affected Economic and Recreational Interests, Conservation & Environmental interests, Citizens At Large.
Contact: Frances Robertson
Phone: 370-7592
Council Liaison: Jamie Stephens

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 Carl Davis4 Year6/21Position #5 At Large
 Megan Dethier4 Year6/19Position #6 Scientific
 Jeffrey DyerPartial6/20Position #11
 Jeff Friedman4 Year6/22Position #4 At Large
 Patti Gobin4 year6/19Position #2-Tribal Representative
 Philip GreenPt'l Term6/19Position #7 Environmental
Vice-ChairChristina Koons4 Year6/22Position #3 Scientific
 Lovel Pratt4 Year6/20Position #13 Scientific
 Ivan Reiff4 Year6/21Position #15 At Large
ChairKarin Roemers-Kleven4 Year6/21Position #14 At Large
 Laura SeversonPt'l term6/19Position #9 At Large
 Kendra Smith  Position #1 County Representative
 Terrence Turner4 Year6/20Position #10 Environmental
 VacantPartial6/20Position #12
 VacantPartial6/21Position #8 At Large