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Parks and Recreation Commission

Background: The Commission is a volunteer citizen's advisory body appointed by the San Juan County Council. The Parks & Recreation Commission membership is comprised of 2 representatives from San Juan Island, 2 from Orcas Island, 2 from Lopez Island and 1 representative from Shaw Island. Members are appointed by the County Council to six-year terms. Guiding documents are Resolution 58-1956, Ordinance 13-2008 and RCW 36.68.
Contact: Mike Thomas, Interim Director
Phone: 360-378-8420
Council Liaison: Christine Minney

ViceTex Blankenburg6 Year6/25San Juan Island, #2
 Cyrus Field6 Year6/26Shaw Island, #7
 Barbara Fulton6 Year6/21Lopez Island, #5
 Johannes Krieger6 Year6/24San Juan Island, #1
 Heather Oaksen6 Year6/26Orcas Island, #4
 Margaret Payne6 Year6/24Orcas Island, #3
ChairWilliam Scherer6 Year6/26Lopez Island, #6