County Boards, Commissions
and Advisory Committees

Background: The SWAC shall advise on all aspects of solid waste management planning; assist in the development of programs and policies concerning solid waste management; and recommend appropriate public policy to the Council and the Friday Harbor Town Council. This committee consists of a minimum 9 members serving three-year staggered terms. Members shall represent a balance of interests including, but not limited to citizens, public interest, business, agriculture, waste mgmt. industry, local elected public officials. Guiding documents RCW 70.95.165, Resolution 113-1989, Res. 44-1995, Res. 6-2000.
Contact: Mark Ingman
Phone: 360-370-0534
Council Liaison: Rick Hughes

Web Page:

 Laurie Bullock3 Year7/23#7 - Lopez Resident
 Calvin Den Hartog3 Year7/20 #4 - San Juan Sanitation
 Katie Fleming3 Year7/21#6 - San Juan Resident
 Rick HughesCouncil Term #10 - Elected
 Steve HushebeckTFH Term7/22# 9 - Town of FH
 Troy Lautenbach3 Year7/22#1 - SJ site
 Annie ListerPartial7/20#8-Business - At Large
 Pete Moe3 Year7/20#2 - Orcas site
 Kathy Morris3 Year7/23#5 - Orcas Resident
 Mike RamseyPartial7/20#11 Agriculture Rep
 Aaron Rock3 Year7/23#12 Agriculture Rep
 David Zapalac3 Year7/20#3 - Lopez site