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Eastsound Planning Review Committee

Background: The EPRC shall advise the Planning Department, Planning Commission and Council on land use and development matters affecting Eastsound. This committee is composed of seven members serving two-year staggered terms. Authorizing document is Resolution 128-1992. The EPRC consists of seven members who are residents of Orcas Island.
Contact: Colin Maycock, Planner IV
Phone: 370-7573
Council Liaison: Cindy Wolf

 Sara FarishPartial5/23Position #6
 Terry Gillespie2 Year5/22Position #5
 Scott Lancaster2 Year5/23Position #4
 JoAn Mann2 Year5/22Position #2
 Leith Templin2 Year5/22Position #3
 Charles Toxey2 Year5/22Position #7
 Brian Wiese2 Year5/22Position #1