County Boards, Commissions
and Advisory Committees

Fair Board

Background: The Fair Board, through its appointed staff, directs and administers the management of the County fair and fairgrounds including buildings and equipment, and oversees the budget under the direction of the Council. This board consists of nine members serving three year staggered terms. Guiding documents are Resolution 25-1988, Res. 84A-1991, Ordinance 2-1994, Ord. 9-2008. Fair Board consists of nine members, one from each school district within the County and five members at large.
Contact: Jennifer Allen
Phone: 360-370-7453
Council Liaison: Christine Minney

 Josephine Bangs3 Year12/22Orcas, Position #2
 Barbara Bevens3 Year12/24At Large, Position #7
 Brad Fincher3 Year12/24At Large, Position #4
CHAIRJennifer Rigg3 Year12/22At Large, Position #6
 Kira Sable3 Year12/21San Juan, Position #1
 VACANT3 Year At Large, Position #8
 Vacant3 Year Shaw, Position #3
 VACANT3 Year At Large, Position #9
 Vacant3 Year Lopez, Position #5