County Boards, Commissions
and Advisory Committees

Ferry Advisory Committee

Background: The Ferry Advisory Committee provides study and recommends resolutions in ferry transportation matters as these affect the San Juan Islands. This board consists of seven members serving four year terms. There shall be one member who resides on each of the ferry served islands of Orcas, San Juan, Lopez and Shaw. At least one member shall be representative of an established ferry-user group; at least one shall be representative of persons or firms using or depending upon the ferry system for commerce; one member from the local legislative body. Guiding documents are RCW 47.603310, Resolution 39-1960, Res. 33-1985, Ordinance 10-1995 and Ord. 14-2008, Ord. 15-2011.
Contact: Jim Corenman, Chair
Council Liaison: Christine Minney

 Kenneth BurtnessPartial1/24Lopez Island
ChairJim Corenman4 Year1/23San Juan Island
 Deborah Hopkins4 Year1/21Ferry User Grp Rep
 Patricia McKay4 Year1/19Business rep,
 Christine Minney1 Year1/22County Council
 Justin Paulsen4 Year8/24Orcas Island
 Jennifer Swanson4 Year1/22Shaw Island